Former Bishops

Our Beloved Former Bishops

bishopChitemoBishop GRESFORD CHITEMO 1965-1987

The late Rt. Rev. Gresford Chitemo was born May 8th, 1927  in Nyangara village in the Kilosa District of Morogoro.  He died on the 1st of November, 2009.

During his leadership of the church there was a strong Christian revival.  He introduced charismatic gifts, and many people were healed. He also started the development activities of the Diocese, and was a passionate proponent of grass roots, community-owned projects.

When he was consecrated as the first Bishop of Morogoro in 1965 there were only 14 parishes.

Bishop-MageniBishop DUDLEY MAGENI 1987 – 2008

Bishop Mageni was born in  August 8th, 1948 in the Nongwe village of Kilosa District.  During his Church leadership he emphasized self-reliance and focused on building a strong local church.

He organized, educated, pastored, managed and disciplined the Christians to the benefit of the Church as a whole.  Since his retirement he is involved in preaching the Gospel and farming.

When he was consecrated as Bishop in 1987 there were ____ parishes  and _____ deaneries in the Diocese.  At the time of his retirement in 2008, there were 87 parishes and 17 deaneries.


Bishop Chitemo (left) with Bishop Mageni (right) on the day of his consecration

Bishop Chitemo (left) with Bishop Mageni (right) on the day of his consecration