About the Bishop

BishopConsecrationBishop Godfrey Sehaba

The Bishop for the Diocese of Morogoro is the Right Reverend Godfrey Sehaba. Godfrey was born in 1963 and started school at the age of nine.  His father, Hadad Mgomba, was a life-long servant of the church, first as a catechist and later as a priest. His mother, Lydia, was Mother’s Union leader, and a strong influence in Godfrey’s life.  In 1977, when he was 14 years old, Godfrey attended a youth rally where the message of the gospel penetrated his heart and he gave his life to Christ.

In 1992 Godfrey married Lea, who was born in 1967. Their children are Diana (born 1993) and Lottan (named after Lea’s uncle, born 1997).  After leaving school in 1979, he worked for four years in road construction.  Then, in 1986 he joined Majahida AIC Bible Training School in Shinyanga, Tanzania for a four year Diploma in Biblical Studies.  On the 7th of January, 1990 he was ordained Deacon, and in December of that same year was ordained Priest in the Diocese of Morogoro.

During his first three years as a full time priest, Godfrey earned his Secondary School Certificate (O level) as a private candidate.  Later, in 1997 he got the opportunity to study at Westhill College in Birmingham England for a Diploma in Christian Education.  At the same time he studied for and was awarded a Certificate in Anglican Communion Studies from the United College of the Ascension and Crowther Hall in Birmingham.

Upon returning to Tanzania, Godfrey took up a post as the head of the Mission and Evangelism Department.  He served in this capacity for four years, and in 2003 he was promoted to the position of Diocesan Secretary for the Diocese of Morogoro.  After serving honorably for five years, in 2008 he was elected and ordained as The Bishop of the Diocese of Morogoro, Anglican Church, Tanzania.

Hobbies: Soccer, reading, playing with his children, keeping dairy goats, raising chickens.
Book Recommendation: INTEGRITY: Leading with God watching by Jonathan Lamb
Most returned to book of the Bible : 2nd Timothy